seeds services to diverse industries in our community

Providing Professional seed service, to diverse industries in Western Canada. We have been serving the seed community since 1978.The Co-op is locally owned & operated. Our Services Include: Processing & Marketing of locally grown seed, on site blending & bagging, Handling & Shipping, Hydro Seeding, No order to big or to small. We have a C.F.I.A registered seed Grader, on Staff to ensure "in house" Quality.

2019 Forage Retail Price List


Creeping Red Fescue Alfalfa
Cert. #1 Oracle  $2.25/lb (All alfalfas inoculated)
Com. #1  $2.00/lb Cert. #1 Algonquin $2.50/lb
Com. #1 Yellow Blossom  $7.50/lb
Smooth Bromegrass Cert. 3-Way Blend  $2.50/lb
Cert. #1 Carlton  $2.50/lb 1⁄3 each multifoliate, creeping root
Com. #1 $2.25/lb and tap root alfalfas
Cert. #1 Phabulous multifoliate  $2.95/lb
Meadow Bromegrass Com. #1 Creeping Root $2.75/lb
Cert. #1 Fleet $3.25/lb Com. #1 Tap Root  $2.00/lb
Com. #1 $2.85/lb
Red Clover
Tall Fescue (inoculated)
Cert. #1 Courtenay  $3.50/lb Com.#1 Single Cut  $2.00/lb
Com. #1  $2.30/lb (good quality)
Com. #1 Double Cut $2.95/lb
Orchard Grass
Cert. #1 Potomac $4.75/lb Alsike Clover
Com. #1  $4.25/lb Com. #1 inoculated $3.45/lb
Timothy Sweet Clover
Cert. #1 Climax  $1.25/lb Com. #1 inoculated $1.85/lb
Cert. #1 Tryggve  $1.30/lb
Com. #1  $.98/lb Birdsfoot Trefoil  $5.00/lb
Cicer Milk Vetch  $8.75/lb
Forestry Mix  $2.60/lb
Horse Pasture  $2.90/lb
Kentucky Bluegrass $3.15/lb Prices subject to change without notice.
Annual Ryegrass  $1.20/lb
Perennial Ryegrass forage  $1.85/lb
Reed Canary Grass  $4.75/lb
Sainfoin $3.25/lb
White Clover  $4.00/lb
Kirk Crested Wheatgrass $4.25/lb
Sheep’s Fescue  $3.50/lb
Cert. #1 Redwater HRS $12.00/bu
Com. #1 (hard red spring)  $9.00/bu
Peas (inoculant available) $36.00/bag
Cert. #1 Amarillo Yellow  $12.50/bu
Com. #1 Yellow $9.85/bu
Com. #1 Green  $11.00/bu
Com. #1 (forage type) $6.15/bu
Com. #2 (milling)  $5.75/bu
Com. #2 (forage type) $5.25/bu
Com. #1 2-row  (good germ) $8.50/bu
Com. #1 6-row  (early) $7.00/bu



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